There’s An Art to Telling a Good Brand Story!

At Epic Growth, we offer unsurpassed branding and design services, it’s something we really excel at! We do this by providing creative design, websites, landing pages and ads to engage and convert target audiences. Our creative team delivers innovative, responsive digital assets across mobile, tablet and desktop devices using the latest in design engineering.-

  • Display Advertising:- We build dynamic display advertisements that engage and convert target audiences.
  • Responsive web:- We turn your landing pages into mobile-optimized digital assets that generate leads and conversions across smartphones and tablets.
  • Targeted landing pages:- We design visually interactive and responsive websites with SEO and social-infused development to engage audiences.
  • Conceptualizing your dream through functional prototypes and concept boards:- If you have problems with visualizing your new project, our team of experienced professionals can help you in your quest. Through our expertise in various technologies we help our clients in outlining an idea through detailed consultation and provide a solution through concept boards and fully functional prototypes. Since user friendly experience means quality interaction, all our designs revolve around UX and UI design concepts to ensure maximum usability.
  • Business stationary and banner design:- We believe that eye-catching, attractive designs are what leave a long-lasting impression on the general public and to help you stand out from the crowd we provide amazing custom designs in brochures, magazines, newspapers, business cards, billboards, banners and even flyers and posters. Feel free to contact us to know how we can help you re-design and uplift your business identity.
  • Website re-design:- If you feel that your website is not generating too much traffic, it may be time to re-design your web presence. Websites create an overall impression of the company and are a medium of interaction. At Epic Growth, our team focuses on designing your website in an attractive and user-friendly way to garner more traffic.

Epic Growth believes that design should not only be attractive to look at but should also be user-centered and our experienced and talented team strives to solve this purpose for our clients.




Epic Growth’s Quality Logo Design for Mobile, Tablet & Desktop

Established in 2011, Epic Growth is a digitally creative company offering its unique Logo Design services to its clients in the iGaming industry. Aiming to provide a corporate identity to its clients, our design experts at Epic Growth create attractive, custom-made graphics and illustrations which leads to a distinctive identity to the client and his website.

Epic Growth offers its design and development services in the field of banner creativity, game designing, designing applications for mobiles, 3D- video commercials etc.. , which can help your brand attain complete potential.

When it comes to our core design and development services, we offer our creativity in:-

  • Brand Development.
  • Design and Illustration of the company logo.
  • Design and Development of the company’s products like various game illustrations etc..
  • 3D design and animation in videos and commercials.
  • Concept artwork to help the client visualize his web projects.

Apart from the website logo and product designing services, we also specialize in designing mobile games with HTML5 and Native Technologies. From the concept of the game, to the game logo design, graphic design and illustrations, responsive and adaptive designing services, to 2D and 3D animation designs, our logo designers at Epic Growth offer a full turn-key solution customized to support our iGaming clients in all their web based projects.

Providing unrivaled and unparalleled customer satisfaction, our industrial expertise in web and logo designs reflects the client’s requirements and create designs that promote the philosophy of the client’s business thus creating a desirable brand image. Being pioneers in the design industry with years of experience we strive to create brand identities by designing stunning logos and banners that attract audiences.



Get Your Site Up and Running with the Best Web Hosting Solutions Provided At Epic Growth

Providing website hosting services to clients for their website is another facet of our organization. Every business requires a hosting service to provide a virtual space for the website. While the website or web application itself stands in virtual space on the internet, it does require the use of a physical server to request service to the website.

Epic Growth provides dedicated servers which are connected to mega-fast internet connections to provide world-wide, tested access to the websites especially iGaming services. This helps us ensure that our clients receive hosting solutions for all their projects.

We understand that businesses are run online in today’s tech-savvy world and thus we ensure that our hosting servers receive the least downtime possible. By ensuring that the client’s website or web based project is constantly online, we deploy our hosting servers world-wide format to benefit from the best possible speeds. In the rare case of an emergency, if our servers are down, we do not let the client’s online business suffer by providing constant backups and exceptional customer support, no matter what time or day it is.

Epic Growth has a lot of experience in the field of hosting servers, especially in the iGaming industry and our team offers the following hosting services for your web application projects and websites:-6extremely-creative-photo

  • Within our own content distribution network, we ensure that our hosting servers provide fail-protected world-wide iGaming services by maintaining and deploying the iGaming platform of our clients.
  • We offer an amalgamation of third party systems like end-user support systems and other affiliate systems whenever necessary for the hosting services offered.
  • For our iGaming clients, we test the systems to be hosted on a land-load level through extensive consultation and assessment of the client’s needs.
  • Our hosting services also include all kinds of maintenance procedures like automatic and manual updates, events logging, backup and restore, infrastructure monitoring and much more.

Having a wide expanse of knowledge on the technical know-how and with our tested strategies your hosting solutions are in expert hands with Epic Growth hosting services.