High Impact SEO Article Writing Service That Will Propel Your Online Business

Unique and useful content has always been a sure shot way of grabbing attention. Whether articles are in the form of Newsletters, PR or SEO, content has always ruled the popularity charts with the catch phrase “Content is King” the buzz of our industry. At Epic Growth, we put focus on the quality and creativity of the content we produce for your website or marketing campaign. Our experts are highly talented content writers specializing in nine languages, which is why it is easier for us to write articles that are not only attractive and accurate but also International and SEO friendly.

Our experts truly understand your need to connect with customers, to provide information on the latest upgrades, promotions, events or special offers. We are multi-lingual as well as multicultural which us, help you, with your customers. An excellent team of cultures with diversity in several native languages. The linguists also specialize in sports journalism, tourism, e-commerce. We understand the inner mechanisms of the each industry, resulting in providing information through SEO friendly articles in a trust worthy, attractive and accurate way.

Since our establishment in Malta, the hub of iGaming industry, we have catered to the requirements of several iGaming clients – resulting in a pool of gaming clientèle from all over the world. When it comes to your content writing needs for articles, newsletters, e-mails or blogs, the linguistic and translation services of our highly talented team of is your best bet!



Explore Our Blog Writing Services for Content Marketing

write-better-blog-postsBlogs are the best form of content marketing available today, attracting customers while telling your brand story. Most websites today have their very own blog. A blog creates a brand in the eyes of the customer and is a tried and tested way of generating traffic by attracting and holding the interest of the customer through entertaining, emotional or humorous anecdotes. Epic Growth has a team of bloggers writing blogs in up to nine languages, the team of bloggers at have a passion for viral content – which is truly evident in their style of writing and campaign reach.

Companies that have a blog on their website have 55% more visitors and our bloggers can help you convert those visitors into customers. Boasting a world class writing service with a professionally experienced team of bloggers, we provide 100% original, creative content – speciality customized for our clients in any industry. No matter how frequently you need content for blogs, our bloggers can lend a creative hand to suit your requirements.

Why Hire Epic Growth For Blog Writing?

  • Since we understand your requirements we are easy to work with. Our professional writers specialize in creative blogs that will meet your editorial style.
  • Our bloggers research keywords. The topic and the tastes of the target audience, thus helping us write the best blogs that will keep the readers engaged.
  • Blog writing is an important part of the SEO strategy but what is even more important is the fact that you need to update it regularly. Our bloggers can provide blog content on various topics as frequently as you require.

We understand that a blog needs to be engaging, impressive and unique which is what we strive to provide with our blog writing services at Epic Growth.



Let Us Grow And Broaden Your Horizons With Strong Multi-Lingual Translation

Epic Growth has created a niche for itself when it comes to providing translation services to its iGaming clients. Ever since our establishment in Malta, the hub of the iGaming industry, we have worked towards our passion for games on the internet where people bet money. Whether it is Casino, Poker, Forex, Sports betting or something else of the sort, Epic Growth has years of expertise in providing services to its iGaming clients.

The iGaming industry is a lucrative business for many translation companies which is why such companies directly target the iGaming businesses for providing translation services but unless a company specializes in the iGaming industry, the material provided will not be of good quality. Since Epic Growth knows the inner workings of how online games are run in an iGaming industry, our expert translators are able to provide superior quality in terms of our iGaming translations thanks to our lists of glossaries and accurate terminology of iGaming material.

Our services include the most comprehensive content building solutions and our experts cater to everything from web and software localization to translation of texts and documents. Whether it is preparing manuals and videos or giving local client support, our expert translators help the client communicate like a native of that place, with their customers all over the world.email_marketing_newsletter_shopify_ecommerce_software_blog
Since iGaming has been our specialty, our array of services at Epic Growth include:-

  • iGaming translations.
  • iGaming copyrighting.
  • Proofreading and Q/A.
  • Linguistic testing.
  • Website localization.


Our passion for iGaming is evident in the services provided by our linguists and project managers. By trusting your translation needs with our expert translators and copy writers at Epic Growth, you can be rest assured of superior quality services.



  • Web users are four times more likely to purchase from a site that communicates in the customer’s language (source: International Data Corporation)
  • 37% of internet consumers spend more time on sites available in their own language (source: Common Sense Advisory)
  • Visitors stay for twice as long if a website is in their own language (source: Forrester Research)