Useful Content Should Be At The Core Of Your Marketing

social-marketingOur marketing experts at have created a niche in Malta for their unique, young and dynamic marketing services, with unique SEO friendly content through various mediums like video and blogs, online magazines, website content, micro sites, affiliate networks and online communities, social media campaigns, newsletters and even web applications.

Generating quality traffic and getting customers to our client’s website is a proven strategy designed by the highly efficient team at Epic Growth.

The power of content marketing is unsurpassed. It is easy to use, attractively designed user experience with eye-catching visuals. Great content is a definite way of getting a user hooked to your brand, especially when it comes to informing your network about the latest content, promotions and special offers. Content marketing at Epic Growth is more than just writing text, the aim of experts at our company is to engage the customer through informative blogs and articles by getting users excited about your brand.

With video marketing becoming the newest trend, our experts take the use of various mediums like snippets and 3d animation to market new content through video editing. This gives a sneak peek into your brand, exciting your customers and creating brand awareness.
Our experts use various integrated tools like:-

  • E-mail marketing services
  • PR, Blogs, articles, newsletters, magazines
  • Social media marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Webcasts and video

We build and source on-page content, articles, stories and more by using technology-enabled insights in order to increase conversions across channels and devices.



Professional Consultancy Services To Stay Ahead Of The Game

The iGaming industry is becoming a competitive industry with growing popularity across Europe and the Americas. With our experience in the iGaming industry our consultants in Malta are well-equipped to provide competitive advantages to our clients due to our extensive knowledge in Poker, Casino, Sport Betting and Lotteries. Through our expert consultancy services, we are able to provide improved customer loyalty, achieve better results with your affiliates and new depositor promotions. We also help the clients comply with Social Media Trends and also reduce costs by improving operational efficiency.

Epic Growth provides various solutions to its iGaming clients through effective consultancy services. Some of these are:-

  • Providing optimal patron management to iGaming clients by analysing the patron trends to increase patron loyalty through higher retention value.
  • By optimising and integrating all the data from all operational systems, Epic Growth consultants are able to provide a comprehensive view of what is happening in the business to equip the client with better decision making capabilities.
  • Providing slots & slot vendor analysis, promotional analysis, visit affinity analysis, marketing analysis etc.. , help the iGaming client implement the gaming decisions provided by us to enhance the return of investment.
  • Our detailed website analysis helps the gaming companies understand SEO, and user behaviour which in turn can help our client make better web-based marketing strategies.

Due to our years of experience in dealing with the iGaming industry, Epic Growth has created a niche for quality consultancy services in the gaming industry.



High Impact SEO Article Writing Service That Will Propel Your Online Business

Unique and useful content has always been a sure shot way of grabbing attention. Whether articles are in the form of Newsletters, PR or SEO, content has always ruled the popularity charts with the catch phrase “Content is King” the buzz of our industry. At Epic Growth, we put focus on the quality and creativity of the content we produce for your website or marketing campaign. Our experts are highly talented content writers specializing in nine languages, which is why it is easier for us to write articles that are not only attractive and accurate but also International and SEO friendly.

Our experts truly understand your need to connect with customers, to provide information on the latest upgrades, promotions, events or special offers. We are multi-lingual as well as multicultural which us, help you, with your customers. An excellent team of cultures with diversity in several native languages. The linguists also specialize in sports journalism, tourism, e-commerce. We understand the inner mechanisms of the each industry, resulting in providing information through SEO friendly articles in a trust worthy, attractive and accurate way.

Since our establishment in Malta, the hub of iGaming industry, we have catered to the requirements of several iGaming clients – resulting in a pool of gaming clientèle from all over the world. When it comes to your content writing needs for articles, newsletters, e-mails or blogs, the linguistic and translation services of our highly talented team of is your best bet!



Grow Your Organic Traffic With Search Engine Optimisation

At Epic Growth, we have experts with a wealth of experience who specialize within the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This enables us to provide a service which can help you (the client) expand your business through the means of free website traffic via popular search engines such as Google.
SEO is a process that takes place in order to effect and gain an increase in the visibility of a website or a web page when searched in a search engine, monitoring traffic from the free , organic, editorial and natural search results within search engines.

Epic Growth’s SEO marketing disciplines itself to put core focus within growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. Both technical and creative elements are tackled by our experts at Epic Growth which is required to improve rankings, drive traffic and increase awareness in search engines. Epic Growth simply provides the ability to make your site structured in a way that search engines understand. Keeping professionals at your workplace specifically for this task can drain you of your work hours, money and resources hence cut down on costs to maintain ranking on search engines.

SEO isn’t just about building search engine-friendly websites. It’s about making your site better for the clientele you want to attract too. Our experts at Epic Growth cover a wide range of SEO factors:

  • Content – good quality, well researched, proper words and phrases used, topics covered are up-to-date and considered as a “hot topic”, content easily gives out answers needed within search results.
  • Architecture – Crawl pages on site for search engines , managing duplicate content issues, testing and eliminating all dis-functionalities for mobile or tablet and make good use of app indexing, loading speed, proper URL’s set to identify meaningful keywords to page topics, provide HTTPS.
  • HTML – HTML Title Tags containing keywords to appropriate page topics, meta description tags properly set-up to describe what the pages are about, structured data to enhance listings, headlines and subheads with header tags and linked with relevant keywords, excessively used words to increase how a page can be found.
  • Trust – making the site a trusted authority through links, shares and other factors, monitoring of visitors whether they spend time reading or bounce away quickly, history of domain name and how it has been operated in the past, reliable sourcing and identity, flagging of hosting pirated content, ad-heavy content.
  • Links – Sourced from trusted, quality and respected websites, proper linking between words and pages, links pointing at your web page, purchased links for increased ranking.
  • Personal – country, locality- city/state, history- regular visitors or socially favored, social favorites.
  • Social – reputation within social networks to share content , shares to spread throughout a social network.



How to Grow your Traffic Exponentially on both Desktop & Mobile

At Epic Growth we understand your need to be agile with your online business. With technological advancements and the world becoming a global community it is imperative to stay ahead in the gambling, finance and travel industries. This can be achieved by leaving a creative interactive digital marketing campaign on the internet.

Our talented marketing team at Epic Growth have a thorough understanding and access to key industry trends that help your company go viral through a variety of highly effective distribution channels. With various tips and techniques under our belt, our team offers unrivaled internet marketing strategies that will help create a web presence and stronger brand awareness for your gambling, finance or travel company.

Some of our expert services are as follows:-

    • Content Marketing: – Content marketing’s purpose is to attract and retain customers by consistently creating and curating relevant and valuable content with the intention of changing or enhancing consumer behavior. It is an ongoing process that is best integrated into your overall marketing strategy, and it focuses on owning media, not renting it.
    • SEO: – Search Engine Optimization is the technique of making your website seen by ranking it on the top pages of search engines like Google and Bing. When we search for something we usually only look through the results of the top most page, this is why our team at Epic Growth deals in providing optimum SEO techniques to its clients. Updating ourselves on various SEO techniques and doing intensive research on the keywords helps us give better results for your company.
    • SMO: – Social Media Optimization is another way of garnering traffic on your website. Highly professional and experienced SMO analysts of our firm offer various techniques like uploading photos, videos, posting events and content, organizing polls on various social media like YouTube etc.. , to engage the target audience by making the sessions highly interactive and fun.
    • SMN: – Networking has gone digital and so have we! With our team of experts in SMN, we strive to build a network of people with the same interests and concerns through exposure on social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, creating an atmosphere where people can come together and discuss your products and services ultimately resulting in a strong base of customers.
    • PPC: – Pay Per Click is a business marketing technique where we place your company’s advertisement on various landing pages casting a wider net for promotions. As our client you benefit by paying only if a visitor clicks on your advertisement.

At Epic Growth we aim to please our clients by providing value services in the field of digital marketing. Unique creative digital concepts with even more traffic on both desktop and mobile is for us – a job well done!


Content Marketing is now the Winning Drive for iGaming Companies

At Epic Growth, we take our both content marketing and search engine optimization very seriously. When it comes to building a long term web marketing strategy, search engine optimization is the most cost effective strategy these days as it helps gambling website’s to get in touch with their target audience in specific licensed or unlicensed countries. Our team of experts at Epic Growth understand your desire for optimum search engine results we also have a thorough understanding of the poker, casino, live casino, sports-betting and bingo industry, which allows us to create a content marketing strategy with a winning drive. We provide iGaming centric digital marketing solutions to help you achieve better brand awareness, more conversion, customer retention and most importantly enhanced organic search results! Our team brings an unrivaled wealth and breadth of experience to digital content strategy and creation. Before committing to a job, we use current industry trends, case studies and conduct extensive research, we work closely with your team to plan as well as to better understand your expectations as a client. By strictly dealing in white hat SEO techniques we put prime importance in clean website coding and link building to help boost the ratings of your company.

As a part of our consultancy services we offer content marketing to our iGaming clients, mainly focusing on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action. Our array of time tested techniques involves the following services:-

    • Web audit a look at providing website recommendations which are SEO friendly to help your business reach a wide target of audiences through search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
    • Since keywords play a key role in the search engine optimization of a web page we strive to provide a detailed and extensive keyword analysis of your company’s website and your competitors.
    • Various creative concepts, article writing and submission techniques by our team of highly experienced multilingual content marketers.
    • We also provide on-page optimization and unrivaled customer support 24/7 on voice, e-mail, chat, Skype and onsite.
    • Providing revolutionary search engine optimization techniques at affordable costs.
    • A team of experts who work diligently to get the best results for you.



Why Choose Epic Growth for Search Engine Marketing?

The Power of SEM for e-Commerce

Epic Growth provides search engine marketing to land-based companies and brand owners worldwide. By incorporating new and improved customized online marketing strategies, we have succeeded in our goal to position our client’s website at the top of Google search results. In fact, our client’s return of investment is always our focal point as we aim to make a positive impact on the revenue of our client’s business through a wide range of search marketing options.

To help our client’s internet marketing initiatives, our team of search engine marketing experts at Epic Growth offer a comprehensive understanding of the industry. We understand your need for budgeting which is why we offer personalized quotes depending upon the specific details of your web-based projects. By offering an array of white hat search engine marketing techniques in a price range customized to your budget, we ensure effective results.

Since our team of search engine marketers are multi-cultural and multi-lingual, we are able understand the diverse needs of our clients all over the world and provide support to them when it comes to achieving their online marketing goals. Our experts have intensive knowledge of how search engines work which is why we are able to pull off various tasks including on site and off site marketing optimization for our clients all over the world.

Our search engine marketing experts at Epic Growth develop and execute micro sites. This is a long term acquisition which is cost effective for the client as it involves web designing, website development, content creation and search engine marketing. Once the micro site is built, it grows and evolves with SEO-rich content and PPC campaigns.