Content Development for Gaming Companies

“What makes a gaming website good?”

Today, website content is more than just text and words on pages, it has taken a turn in the form of videos, audio, images, mascots, CGI, words etc.. and making it catchy, viral and SEO relevant is a must. At Epic Growth, we have years of experience in delivering strong website content for Gaming companies in Malta and abroad. With a special focus on the gaming niche, we aim to bring players to your website by creating and delivering outstanding content on all channels. Our history with gaming development for web, mobile and tablet diversifies into various fields :-

  • Casino Content: – Providing highly engaging SEO content for casinos, our team of extremely experienced professionals deliver the very best SEO content for casinos which are promotional and informative so that the client does not lose out on a player due to boring content.
  • Game Content: – Not just for iGaming businesses but for suppliers, affiliates and operators too, Epic Growth has an excellent reputation when it comes to delivering good SEO suited game content. Unlike any other website content, writing content for games is a complex process as the material needs to highlight not just the SEO keywords but also the game theme and description too. Epic Growth carefully screens its writers to find the most talented content providers for its clients.
  • Sports Betting Content: – Sports betting companies usually hire famous sports persons to garner the attention to their marketing campaigns and Epic Growth helps them in this endeavor by producing highly efficient and good quality content for all kinds of sports betting brands.
  • Poker Content: – With Poker hitting the online market, the demand is huge. As opposed to the simple Poker contents earlier, which required highlighting the rules of the game along with the names of the tables and the tournament of the day, poker content has now become more complex. With videos, promotions, friends’ referrals, news articles etc.. . Poker content is touching every dimension when it comes to content development and our highly innovative team of experts at Epic Growth helps deliver this to its iGaming clients.

Epic Growth has created a niche in the market with quirky, eye-catching, uniquely attractive and interesting content development services to both iGaming industry clients and other websites.



The Role Of Social Media Optimization

At Epic Growth, we understand your need to make your online presence felt by going social. Because of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, the world is becoming a global society where every business is expanding onto social platforms. Taking advantage of this trend, we provide social media optimization services to help you expand the reach of your product and services through various marketing tools. Using social platforms like Facebook, experts at Epic Growth are providing an opportunity to the client to go a step further and get a more tangible return in terms of an e-mail or any other personal information that the user may have accepted to pass on. This is a technique used by our CRM experts to get the client more return from social networking sites.

Experts at Epic Growth also manage the budget of the online advertisement on behalf of their clients. We understand the need for sticking to a budget and providing optimal return in the quoted price which is why through online advertisement tools like Google ads and Facebook ads, we are able to provide the client with the best online advertisements on the busiest of social media and search engine platforms.

Epic Growth has a talented team of social media optimization who create new and out-of-the-box techniques to make the social presence of the clients felt online on all the social networking sites through various social media optimizing tools like:-

  • Management of Social Presence:- This is an attractive way for the client to ensure publicity of their company to increase traffic on their website.
  • Social Media Advertising:- By creating pages and groups on all social media platforms and updating them regularly with attractive content to increase interest in the online customer.
  • Viral Marketing:- An online form of mouth-to-mouth marketing. Where the information of the client’s product or service is passed through various people online, creating a chain mail of sorts.
  • Pay Per Click Advertisement:- Online advertisements on a budget, where the clients gets real time feedback by spending money wisely on inexpensive but highly effective advertisements on social media platforms.

At Epic Growth, social media platforms are used to the best advertisement of the client to generate real time sales and promotions.



How to Grow your Traffic Exponentially on both Desktop & Mobile

At Epic Growth we understand your need to be agile with your online business. With technological advancements and the world becoming a global community it is imperative to stay ahead in the gambling, finance and travel industries. This can be achieved by leaving a creative interactive digital marketing campaign on the internet.

Our talented marketing team at Epic Growth have a thorough understanding and access to key industry trends that help your company go viral through a variety of highly effective distribution channels. With various tips and techniques under our belt, our team offers unrivaled internet marketing strategies that will help create a web presence and stronger brand awareness for your gambling, finance or travel company.

Some of our expert services are as follows:-

    • Content Marketing: – Content marketing’s purpose is to attract and retain customers by consistently creating and curating relevant and valuable content with the intention of changing or enhancing consumer behavior. It is an ongoing process that is best integrated into your overall marketing strategy, and it focuses on owning media, not renting it.
    • SEO: – Search Engine Optimization is the technique of making your website seen by ranking it on the top pages of search engines like Google and Bing. When we search for something we usually only look through the results of the top most page, this is why our team at Epic Growth deals in providing optimum SEO techniques to its clients. Updating ourselves on various SEO techniques and doing intensive research on the keywords helps us give better results for your company.
    • SMO: – Social Media Optimization is another way of garnering traffic on your website. Highly professional and experienced SMO analysts of our firm offer various techniques like uploading photos, videos, posting events and content, organizing polls on various social media like YouTube etc.. , to engage the target audience by making the sessions highly interactive and fun.
    • SMN: – Networking has gone digital and so have we! With our team of experts in SMN, we strive to build a network of people with the same interests and concerns through exposure on social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, creating an atmosphere where people can come together and discuss your products and services ultimately resulting in a strong base of customers.
    • PPC: – Pay Per Click is a business marketing technique where we place your company’s advertisement on various landing pages casting a wider net for promotions. As our client you benefit by paying only if a visitor clicks on your advertisement.

At Epic Growth we aim to please our clients by providing value services in the field of digital marketing. Unique creative digital concepts with even more traffic on both desktop and mobile is for us – a job well done!