Reasons Why You Should Use Cloud Hosting For Your Business

A major section of the hosting services provided is to provide cloud platform to the clients who are in need of a hosting server. Epic Growth understands the value of the online reputation of the client and strives to provide seamless and highly salable services through dedicated servers. Especially catering to the clients in the iGaming industry, our team understands the importance of uninterrupted game sessions for a great gaming experience. Through our services of dedicated servers we provide an expansive platform to our iGaming clients for the services of gaming features to online customers like game matchmaking, user profiles, mobile engagement, social communities etc..

No one likes slow loading games with bad internet connections where they may lose out on chances due to too much traffic on the website. A downtime in the hosting server is a major catastrophe which can result in the client losing out on online gaming customers which can also tarnish the reputation of the iGaming client. At Epic Growth, we provide 24/7 backup in hosting servers to help you create repeat customers by giving you seamless connection and unlimited cloud space through dedicated servers that will help you run your online business better.
Through our dedicated servers we offer the following:-

  • Providing seamless gaming experience to our iGaming clients by ensuring the least downtime in our servers.
  • Providing 24hrs of customer support and backups in times of contingencies.
  • Providing an analytical data of traffic on the website which will give you insights to make the gaming experience better.
  • Helping you serve millions of players online to ensure repeat customers through extremely fast loading, uninterrupted gaming experiences.

By leveraging a multitude of components, our dedicated servers help clients scale their online games and other web based projects to millions of people online.


Get Your Site Up and Running with the Best Web Hosting Solutions Provided At Epic Growth

Providing website hosting services to clients for their website is another facet of our organization. Every business requires a hosting service to provide a virtual space for the website. While the website or web application itself stands in virtual space on the internet, it does require the use of a physical server to request service to the website.

Epic Growth provides dedicated servers which are connected to mega-fast internet connections to provide world-wide, tested access to the websites especially iGaming services. This helps us ensure that our clients receive hosting solutions for all their projects.

We understand that businesses are run online in today’s tech-savvy world and thus we ensure that our hosting servers receive the least downtime possible. By ensuring that the client’s website or web based project is constantly online, we deploy our hosting servers world-wide format to benefit from the best possible speeds. In the rare case of an emergency, if our servers are down, we do not let the client’s online business suffer by providing constant backups and exceptional customer support, no matter what time or day it is.

Epic Growth has a lot of experience in the field of hosting servers, especially in the iGaming industry and our team offers the following hosting services for your web application projects and websites:-6extremely-creative-photo

  • Within our own content distribution network, we ensure that our hosting servers provide fail-protected world-wide iGaming services by maintaining and deploying the iGaming platform of our clients.
  • We offer an amalgamation of third party systems like end-user support systems and other affiliate systems whenever necessary for the hosting services offered.
  • For our iGaming clients, we test the systems to be hosted on a land-load level through extensive consultation and assessment of the client’s needs.
  • Our hosting services also include all kinds of maintenance procedures like automatic and manual updates, events logging, backup and restore, infrastructure monitoring and much more.

Having a wide expanse of knowledge on the technical know-how and with our tested strategies your hosting solutions are in expert hands with Epic Growth hosting services.