Professional Consultancy Services To Stay Ahead Of The Game

The iGaming industry is becoming a competitive industry with growing popularity across Europe and the Americas. With our experience in the iGaming industry our consultants in Malta are well-equipped to provide competitive advantages to our clients due to our extensive knowledge in Poker, Casino, Sport Betting and Lotteries. Through our expert consultancy services, we are able to provide improved customer loyalty, achieve better results with your affiliates and new depositor promotions. We also help the clients comply with Social Media Trends and also reduce costs by improving operational efficiency.

Epic Growth provides various solutions to its iGaming clients through effective consultancy services. Some of these are:-

  • Providing optimal patron management to iGaming clients by analysing the patron trends to increase patron loyalty through higher retention value.
  • By optimising and integrating all the data from all operational systems, Epic Growth consultants are able to provide a comprehensive view of what is happening in the business to equip the client with better decision making capabilities.
  • Providing slots & slot vendor analysis, promotional analysis, visit affinity analysis, marketing analysis etc.. , help the iGaming client implement the gaming decisions provided by us to enhance the return of investment.
  • Our detailed website analysis helps the gaming companies understand SEO, and user behaviour which in turn can help our client make better web-based marketing strategies.

Due to our years of experience in dealing with the iGaming industry, Epic Growth has created a niche for quality consultancy services in the gaming industry.



High Impact SEO Article Writing Service That Will Propel Your Online Business

Unique and useful content has always been a sure shot way of grabbing attention. Whether articles are in the form of Newsletters, PR or SEO, content has always ruled the popularity charts with the catch phrase “Content is King” the buzz of our industry. At Epic Growth, we put focus on the quality and creativity of the content we produce for your website or marketing campaign. Our experts are highly talented content writers specializing in nine languages, which is why it is easier for us to write articles that are not only attractive and accurate but also International and SEO friendly.

Our experts truly understand your need to connect with customers, to provide information on the latest upgrades, promotions, events or special offers. We are multi-lingual as well as multicultural which us, help you, with your customers. An excellent team of cultures with diversity in several native languages. The linguists also specialize in sports journalism, tourism, e-commerce. We understand the inner mechanisms of the each industry, resulting in providing information through SEO friendly articles in a trust worthy, attractive and accurate way.

Since our establishment in Malta, the hub of iGaming industry, we have catered to the requirements of several iGaming clients – resulting in a pool of gaming clientèle from all over the world. When it comes to your content writing needs for articles, newsletters, e-mails or blogs, the linguistic and translation services of our highly talented team of is your best bet!



Explore Our Blog Writing Services for Content Marketing

write-better-blog-postsBlogs are the best form of content marketing available today, attracting customers while telling your brand story. Most websites today have their very own blog. A blog creates a brand in the eyes of the customer and is a tried and tested way of generating traffic by attracting and holding the interest of the customer through entertaining, emotional or humorous anecdotes. Epic Growth has a team of bloggers writing blogs in up to nine languages, the team of bloggers at have a passion for viral content – which is truly evident in their style of writing and campaign reach.

Companies that have a blog on their website have 55% more visitors and our bloggers can help you convert those visitors into customers. Boasting a world class writing service with a professionally experienced team of bloggers, we provide 100% original, creative content – speciality customized for our clients in any industry. No matter how frequently you need content for blogs, our bloggers can lend a creative hand to suit your requirements.

Why Hire Epic Growth For Blog Writing?

  • Since we understand your requirements we are easy to work with. Our professional writers specialize in creative blogs that will meet your editorial style.
  • Our bloggers research keywords. The topic and the tastes of the target audience, thus helping us write the best blogs that will keep the readers engaged.
  • Blog writing is an important part of the SEO strategy but what is even more important is the fact that you need to update it regularly. Our bloggers can provide blog content on various topics as frequently as you require.

We understand that a blog needs to be engaging, impressive and unique which is what we strive to provide with our blog writing services at Epic Growth.



We Take Social Media Seriously And So Should You

1404042807Epic Growth is a leading technological supplier for Social Media in all segments including the Travel, Finance, e-Commerce, Retail, e-Sports and iGaming Industries. Our goal is to position your brand for visibility across social networks and search engines. Our social media optimization solution leveraged advanced consumer insights for content that connects to consumer behaviour and intent.

We do this by provide unrivalled analytic services, research, brand story telling, and design. We have employed trusted our people, 3rd party operators, integrator’s and consultants, who are experts in their field. Our efforts is to promote a strong, smart and entertaining campaign for your business, targeted at people and cultures world-wide. We strive to create a professional experience by providing quality services to all our clients worldwide.

Founded in 2011, in Malta, Epic Growth aims at providing innovative systems, desktop , mobile services and marketing solutions to our clients that will generate revenue and provide optimal efficiency. Epic growth provides testing, consultancy, inspection, optimisation, certification and other professional services to transform the user experience into a more engaging and entertaining social environment.

We are leading developers with cutting edge technology, by using content insights, including local linguistics usage, keyword opportunities, social vernacular and hashtags, to produce channel-specific content for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram. By combining an array of techniques we have created a niche in the market for our designing, developing and marketing techniques.


Content Development for Gaming Companies

“What makes a gaming website good?”

Today, website content is more than just text and words on pages, it has taken a turn in the form of videos, audio, images, mascots, CGI, words etc.. and making it catchy, viral and SEO relevant is a must. At Epic Growth, we have years of experience in delivering strong website content for Gaming companies in Malta and abroad. With a special focus on the gaming niche, we aim to bring players to your website by creating and delivering outstanding content on all channels. Our history with gaming development for web, mobile and tablet diversifies into various fields :-

  • Casino Content: – Providing highly engaging SEO content for casinos, our team of extremely experienced professionals deliver the very best SEO content for casinos which are promotional and informative so that the client does not lose out on a player due to boring content.
  • Game Content: – Not just for iGaming businesses but for suppliers, affiliates and operators too, Epic Growth has an excellent reputation when it comes to delivering good SEO suited game content. Unlike any other website content, writing content for games is a complex process as the material needs to highlight not just the SEO keywords but also the game theme and description too. Epic Growth carefully screens its writers to find the most talented content providers for its clients.
  • Sports Betting Content: – Sports betting companies usually hire famous sports persons to garner the attention to their marketing campaigns and Epic Growth helps them in this endeavor by producing highly efficient and good quality content for all kinds of sports betting brands.
  • Poker Content: – With Poker hitting the online market, the demand is huge. As opposed to the simple Poker contents earlier, which required highlighting the rules of the game along with the names of the tables and the tournament of the day, poker content has now become more complex. With videos, promotions, friends’ referrals, news articles etc.. . Poker content is touching every dimension when it comes to content development and our highly innovative team of experts at Epic Growth helps deliver this to its iGaming clients.

Epic Growth has created a niche in the market with quirky, eye-catching, uniquely attractive and interesting content development services to both iGaming industry clients and other websites.



Have You Made Your Website Responsive?

imagesWith mobile phones and tablets replacing the computers and laptops for internet usage, mobile traffic is growing at a rapid rate. At Epic Growth, we are in tune with the current trends in the market and their development which helps us give our clients customized responsive websites which are automatically adaptable to all kinds of devices, be it laptops, computers, smart phones or tablets.

Established in 2011, we are a young company that are highly talented in providing dynamic mobile web design solutions that are in tune with the expectations of today’s generation when it comes to user-friendly designs. This helps us provide you a customized mobile strategies which is targeted for  exploitation of the mobile traffic.

Innovative designs based on UX and UI technology are user-friendly and work across a myriad variety of browsers, mobile devices and technologies. Since we specialize in responsive designs, they automatically adjust to any phone, tablet or browser expanding the client’s target audience in a budget through one single solution.

Our team of experts provide a number of services in the mobile web design service segment. These are:-

  • Providing user-friendly mobile designs.
  • Providing mobile web designs that are responsive to all kinds of devices and technologies from browsers and mobile phones to tablets.
  • Mobile media buying services like CPC, CPA and CPM traffic.
  • Buying mobile advertising networks.
  • Affiliate network management and mobile affiliate services.

At Epic Growth we provide comprehensive mobile web designs that enable you to leave your online presence in this fast-paced market through cutting-edge, state of the art technology.


There’s An Art to Telling a Good Brand Story!

At Epic Growth, we offer unsurpassed branding and design services, it’s something we really excel at! We do this by providing creative design, websites, landing pages and ads to engage and convert target audiences. Our creative team delivers innovative, responsive digital assets across mobile, tablet and desktop devices using the latest in design engineering.-

  • Display Advertising:- We build dynamic display advertisements that engage and convert target audiences.
  • Responsive web:- We turn your landing pages into mobile-optimized digital assets that generate leads and conversions across smartphones and tablets.
  • Targeted landing pages:- We design visually interactive and responsive websites with SEO and social-infused development to engage audiences.
  • Conceptualizing your dream through functional prototypes and concept boards:- If you have problems with visualizing your new project, our team of experienced professionals can help you in your quest. Through our expertise in various technologies we help our clients in outlining an idea through detailed consultation and provide a solution through concept boards and fully functional prototypes. Since user friendly experience means quality interaction, all our designs revolve around UX and UI design concepts to ensure maximum usability.
  • Business stationary and banner design:- We believe that eye-catching, attractive designs are what leave a long-lasting impression on the general public and to help you stand out from the crowd we provide amazing custom designs in brochures, magazines, newspapers, business cards, billboards, banners and even flyers and posters. Feel free to contact us to know how we can help you re-design and uplift your business identity.
  • Website re-design:- If you feel that your website is not generating too much traffic, it may be time to re-design your web presence. Websites create an overall impression of the company and are a medium of interaction. At Epic Growth, our team focuses on designing your website in an attractive and user-friendly way to garner more traffic.

Epic Growth believes that design should not only be attractive to look at but should also be user-centered and our experienced and talented team strives to solve this purpose for our clients.




Reasons Why You Should Use Cloud Hosting For Your Business

A major section of the hosting services provided is to provide cloud platform to the clients who are in need of a hosting server. Epic Growth understands the value of the online reputation of the client and strives to provide seamless and highly salable services through dedicated servers. Especially catering to the clients in the iGaming industry, our team understands the importance of uninterrupted game sessions for a great gaming experience. Through our services of dedicated servers we provide an expansive platform to our iGaming clients for the services of gaming features to online customers like game matchmaking, user profiles, mobile engagement, social communities etc..

No one likes slow loading games with bad internet connections where they may lose out on chances due to too much traffic on the website. A downtime in the hosting server is a major catastrophe which can result in the client losing out on online gaming customers which can also tarnish the reputation of the iGaming client. At Epic Growth, we provide 24/7 backup in hosting servers to help you create repeat customers by giving you seamless connection and unlimited cloud space through dedicated servers that will help you run your online business better.
Through our dedicated servers we offer the following:-

  • Providing seamless gaming experience to our iGaming clients by ensuring the least downtime in our servers.
  • Providing 24hrs of customer support and backups in times of contingencies.
  • Providing an analytical data of traffic on the website which will give you insights to make the gaming experience better.
  • Helping you serve millions of players online to ensure repeat customers through extremely fast loading, uninterrupted gaming experiences.

By leveraging a multitude of components, our dedicated servers help clients scale their online games and other web based projects to millions of people online.